Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Walking Dead "Live Bait" (4x06 Spoilers!)

We open minutes after the events from the season three finale where The Governor kills the last remaining people of Woodbury and takes off with Martinez and Shumpert.  They stop for the night and we see a zombie approaching the Governor, he makes no move to stop it, but Martinez steps in and shoots it.  The next morning the Governor wakes up to find that Martinez and Shumpert have left him, he then takes a big rig that he finds and heads to Woodbury where he burns the place down.  A few months pass by and he comes across an apartment complex in Atlanta that has a family living in it.  The family consists of Tara, a cop, Lily, a nurse, Megan, Lily's daughter, and David, Tara and Lily's father.  Tara lets the Governor in, but takes his weapon and tells him he can stay the night, but has to leave in the morning and will get his gun back then. 
The Governor heads to a separate apartment, and Lily brings him food which he doesn't eat, when he goes to bring the plate back Tara tells him to wash it himself.  I like her.  David who is hooked up to an oxygen tank, says it's time for bed and Tara and Lily ask for the Governor's help which he gives.  In David's room, he asks the Governor to go up to one of the apartments to get a board game for Megan, which he does and brings back.  The next morning he is getting ready to leave when Tara comes in and gives him some supplies and asks him for a favor.  The favor is that David needs another oxygen tank, as he has stage 4 cancer and only has two days left on the tank.  The Governor agrees to do it and heads to an old folks home down the street, he is met with a bunch of old people zombies, but manages to get out alive with an oxygen tank. 
When he returns Lily sees a cut on his forehead and patches him up, Megan comes in while Lily runs to get something for his cut.  Megan asks about the eye patch and he tells her he is a pirate, stop making me love you!  Megan questions him about being a pirate and he tells her he actually got it from trying to help someone he loved.  The Governor and Megan then set up a game of chess and he teaches her how to play.  Lily comes out to get Megan and we find out David has died. Uh-oh!  The Governor tries to get them out of the room, but they wont leave and David reanimates, the Governor grabs for the oxygen tank and bashes David's head in.
The Governor then buries David in the backyard and packs up to leave, but Lily stops him and tells him that they are going with him.  They pack into a truck and leave the complex, that night Lily comes on to the Governor and they have sex.  The next morning the truck wont start and they head off on foot where they encounter a horde of walkers.  Megan freezes, but the Governor manages to snap her out of it, they get split up with Lily and Tara when he and Megan fall into a trench.  In the trench are walkers, but the Governor manages to kill them and promises to never let anything hurt her.  We hear someone speak, and look up to see Martinez, oh shit!
The End.
Amazing episode!  Really cool to go back and see what the Governor has been doing since the end of season 3.  Next week looks very Governor centric as well and I am excited for it!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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