Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Supernatural "Heaven Can't Wait" (9x06 Spoilers!)

We open with a guy contemplating suicide when he hears a noise, it's an angel, who proceeds to kill him.  Over with Castiel, he is working at a gas station under the name of Steve, he picks up a paper and sees that the guy from the beginning is the 4th unexplained death.  At the bunker, Kevin has managed to translate the Angel Tablet, but he translated it in a language that has yet to be decoded.  Cas calls Dean about the 4 dead and Dean heads to go check it out, where we find out the angel not only killed him, but did so in a way that made the person exploded, leaving a pink residue, of blood and skin.  Over with Cas, his manager, Nora, asks him if he's free tomorrow night and he says he is.  I am really hoping she isn't evil like the other one.  Dean goes to the gas station to see Cas, and Cas isn't too happy to see him.

At the bunker, Kevin and Sam ask Crowley if he can read the language, he can and does, only after the threat of being given to Abbaddon.  Back with Cas and Dean, Dean gets a call about another dead and he and Cas head out to check it out, this one is the same as before, targeting another depressed person.  Cas tells Dean that he has seen this before, it's called a Redazion, probably spelled that wrong.  The Redazion, is a vicious angel who smites faster than normal, Dean says he'll handle it while Cas heads on his date with Nora.  Over at the bunker, Crowley tells them he will help them only if he is allowed to make a call.  Dean drops Cas off at Nora's and gives him some pointers, unfortunately she didn't want a date, she wanted him to watch her baby. 

Crowley gets to make his call, but he is not being let through, guess Crowley isn't king anymore.  Dean gets a call from the sherieff saying that the blood from the first murder had only one set of DNA, meaning the husband is stil out there and probably the Redazion.  Dean sees what car the Redazion is driving and we find out it was the same car the guy picking Nora up has.  Cas calls Nora because the baby, Tanya, has a fever and he's worried, he goes to take her for a walk and when he opens the door Redazion is there.  The Redazion, Ephram, enters the house and tells Cas that he wont stop until he washes the world clean of the suffering.  Can I assume that Nora is dead? 

Crowley's call, via Kevin's blood, finally goes through to Abbaddon and we find out that Abbaddon is Queen.  Abbaddon hangs up on Crowley and he starts translating the language, we find out that the angels falling can't be undone.  Dean finally arrives at Nora's just as Cas is about to be smited and stabs Ephram with the angel blade, killing him.  Sam calls Dean and tells him about the angels not being able to go back to heaven, but Dean doesn't tell Cas.  Sam is cleaning up, and finds that a needle, from the demon call, is missing, he goes to where Crowley is tied up and sees Crowley sticking himself with Kevin's blood. 

The End.
Great episode!  Loved seeing what Cas has been doing and really intrigued with why Crowley is shooting up with Kevin's blood.  Next week looks insanely creepy and I can't wait!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes).
Hope you all have a great night!

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