Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Walking Dead "Dead Weight" (4x07 Spoilers!)

We open with Megan playing chess with Governor, who is now going by Brian, with flashbacks to Martinez finding them and offering to have them stay with their camp.  At the camp, Brian goes on a run with Martinez and 2 other guys, Pete and Mitch, and they come across a beheaded walker with the words 'Liar' nail onto him.  Back at the camp, Lily sets up a nurses station and Tara flirts with this girl named Alisha.  On the run, they end up finding more walkers with notes attached, this looks like a pattern to me.  They comes across a cabin, and decide to spend the night there, Martinez tells Brian that he's happy that he has changed for the better.  The next morning they return to camp and get drunk, then Martinez and Brian go on the roof of Brian's camper and play golf. 

While they're playing, Martinez tells Brian that Shumpert killed himself, then Brian hits Martinez over the head with a club, drags him to the walkers pit and let's them have Martinez.  Well, I see Brian hasn't changed to much, only his name it seems!  Later that night, Lily and Megan enter the cabin to find Brian shaking and he tells her he had a bad dream.  The next morning we find out it wasn't a dream and that Martinez really is dead, the camp then gathers to pick a replacement leader, which is Pete.  Brian, Pete, and Mitch then go on a run and encounter another camp, which Mitch want to take out, but Pete tells him no.  A few hours later they head back to the other camp and find everyone dead and all the supplies gone. 

When they return to their camp, Brian starts gathering Lily, Tara, Alisha, and Megan up and tells them they are leaving because something has gone wrong.  They leave in one of the cars, but come across a horde of walkers stuck in the mud and head back to the camp.  The next morning, Brian kills Pete, then goes to Mitch and tells him that he is now in charge and he can either go with it or die.  The next day, Tara and Megan are playing hide and seek when Megan encounters a walker, luckily Brian gets there in time to kill it.  Brian then leaves the camp and we are transported to the end of Internment, with Brian outside the prison. However, this time we see him find Michonne, who is talking to Herschel, and points his gun at Michonne.

The End.
Pretty good episode!  Finally we're caught up with Brian, or Governor which ever you prefer, and he's back in charge.  Next week looks really good and it's the mid-season finale!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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