Wednesday, November 20, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven "The Dead" (3x07 Spoilers!)

We open in the green house, and see Kyle chained up, Zoe then enters with a gun behind her back.  In the main house we get a montage of Madison, with her doing a voice over saying that she feels nothing and that she thinks she is going crazy.  Back in the green house, Zoe gets to close to Kyle and he grabs the gun from her and puts it in his mouth, but she grabs the gun away from him.  In the kitchen, Queenie and Delphie are looking for food, but there is none, so Queenie takes Delphine for her first fast food run.  While they're eating Queenie tells Delphine the feels like she doesn't fit in and Delphine tells her she doesn't because she's black.  At the academy, Cordelia gets a call from Hank and he asks her to take him back, but she hangs up on him, we then see that Hank is surrounded by guns.

Cordelia gets out of bed and finds Madison in the hallway and when she touches her she sees Fiona slit Madison throat.  Fiona is still with Axeman and has headed back to his place, she heads to the bathroom to fix her hair and notices her hair falling out.  However, Fiona doesn't notice the dead body in the shower, when she heads back out her they have sex.  At the academy, Zoe is trying to teach Kyle how to speak when Madison comes in to tell Zoe that Cordelia wants to talk to her and that she would watch Kyle for her.  Over at the beauty parlor, Queenie stops by to talk to Marie and is told that if she wants to join her all she has to do is bring Delphine.  Back at the academy, Zoe goes to talk to Cordelia and is told that they are going to kill Fiona, after the talk Zoe heads back to Kyle and finds Madison and Kyle having sex.

Over at Axeman's place, he tells Fiona he knows she's a witch and that he's been watching her since she was a little girl, Fiona gets a bit freaked and leaves.  At the academy, Zoe is with Spalding, who she has tied to his bed, and he can speak!  Turns out Zoe found his tongue in the closet hideaway and put it back in with a spell.  She then starts questioning him and he tells her all about what Fiona did, because of Myrtle's honesty spell.  After Zoe gets all the information out of him that she needs she stabs him in the heart.  In the kitchen, Queenie talks to Delphine about what the worst thing she ever did was and we go back in time.  In the past we see Delphine and her husband having dinner, she questions her slave, Sally, about  wheres she's been and we find out she just had a baby. 

Delphine tells her that since her daughter is in the dungeon she needs help with her night routine and asks her to come to her room that night.  Later that night, Delphine tells Sally that the only product that works is her special recipe, she then asks Sally to guess what's in it, obviously it's blood and we learn that tonight's blood is from Sally's baby.  We then find out that Delphine's husband is the father of the baby and that the next morning Sally threw herself off the balcony.  In present time, we see Madison approach Zoe and offer her to be in some type of three way with her and Kyle and Zoe accepts.  Queenie takes Delphine for a walk, to the beauty parlor, Marie locks her up in a cage and lets Queenie make the first cut. Marie then uses the blood as Delphine did, smearing Delphine's blood all over her face.

The End.

Awesome episode!  Wasn't expecting Queenie to turn Delphine in, but after hearing she killed the baby, I knew she would, hell I would've.  Now we have to wait two week 'til it returns!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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