Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Walking Dead "Internment" (4x05 Spoilers!)

We open at the prison where Herschel, Glenn, and Sasha are trying to help one of the infected, Henry.  Herschel and Glenn then go on rounds to see if anyone has turned and they find a dead one, they prepare to take him out when Lizzie arrives.  Herschel tells her to go read, and then take the guy away so no one sees them kill him.  Rick returns, and Maggie immediately asks where Carol is, Rick tells her about what Carol did and to not tell anyone.  Inside, Herschel goes to check on Caleb, one of the doctors who is infected, and we see that he has gotten worse.  Another person dies and Herschel takes him away, to the window room, by himself and has to kill, or re-kill, him before he turns.  Rick, who is also in the window room, sees Herschel kill the guy and then tells him about Carol. 

Herschel heads back to the infected ward and we see that Sasha has passed out on the floor, Herschel starts working on her and we see that a girl in the infected ward has turned.  Outside, Rick and Maggie are working on patching up the falling fence, where all of the walkers are trying to get in.  Back with Herschel, he manages to save Sasha, we then go to Glenn, who has been watching over Henry.  Glenn realizes Henry has died and tries to bring him back, but over exerts himself and ends up on the floor coughing up blood.  Henry turns, and Lizzie walks in, she calls for Herschel, which makes the turned girl from earlier come out of her cell.  On top of those 2, another has turned and turns someone else, who was about to shoot the walker, we then see Lizzie luring Henry out of his cell. 

Henry lunges at Lizzie, but Herschel make the save, on top of everyone else, we then see that Caleb has also turned.  Outside Rick and Maggie hear the gunshot, Rick tells Maggie to go check on it, and he goes to get Carl to help with the fence.  Rick and Carl arrive back at the fence in time to see the fence come down and the horde enter the prison, they grab guns and start shooting.  Inside, Herschel lures the walkers behind a wall so Lizzie doesn't see him kill all of them.  Maggie enters the infected ward and heads to Glenn, and they put a tube down his throat, saving him.  Outside Carl and Rick have killed all the zombies, and we see Daryl and crew returning to the prison.  The next day everything has settled down and Rick takes Carl into the field to test out the peapods they have been growing.  We pan out from them and we see The Governor watching them!

The End.
The Governor is back!! I love The Governor and I am so happy to see him back!  The preview they showed for next week looked awesome, full of The Governor!  Carl was also pretty badass this week, hopefully he doesn't get infected because of it!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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