Wednesday, November 6, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven "Burn, Witch, Burn!" (3x05 Spoilers!)

We open in 1833 at a party hosted by Delphine, she tests a boy, Jacques, who is vying for one of her daughters hand.  Jacques is freaked, as her test was for him to stick his hand in a bowl of eyeballs and intestines.  He obviously doesn't go for the daughters hand and the three daughters meet up to talk about killing Delphine.  Delphine hears them talking about killing her and locks her daughters up in her chamber of horrors.  In present day, the zombies are creeping closer and closer to the house, as Delphine freaks out.  Over at the bar, Fiona finds Cordelia and takes her to the hospital where we find out that the liquid was sulfuric acid and she is now blind.  Back at the academy they start turning all the lights out and closing the blinds, Luke doesn't think the zombies are real and goes out to confront them. 

Over with Marie, she is controlling the zombies and tells them to begin, they attack Luke, but Nan saves him and they barricade themselves inside a car.  At the hospital, Fiona wanders around and heads into a women's room, who has given birth to a stillborn and brings the baby back to life.  Not going to lie, I cried.  In the car, the zombies start breaking through, but Zoe comes out and draws their attention towards her.  Inside the academy, Delphine puts Queenie back into bed and has Spalding look over her while she goes to get some ice.  In the kitchen, Delphine sees her daughter in the window, she lets her into the house and gets attacked.  Upstairs, Queenie sends Spalding to check on Delphine and Spalding gets attacked by the daughter, who then goes after Queenie. 

Luckily Delphine appears behind her daughter, stabs and then kills her daughter.  Back at the car, Nan and Luke head inside the house, but are about to be attacked when Zoe comes to the rescue again with a chainsaw.  Zoe manages to kill a good amount of them, but her chainsaw stops and one comes up behind her, she raise her hand and says something.  Over with Marie we see her fall and she says that there must be someone with a lot of power at that house.  I'm going to guess that Zoe is the supreme?  At the hospital, Hank finally arrives and starts fighting with Fiona.  Fiona leaves, but tells him she will be back in 15 minutes and he better be gone by then.  Hank touches Cordelia's hand, and she gets flashes of him cheating on her, oh this could be interesting!

The next day, Fiona goes back to the house and we see that Nan and Zoe are gathering up all the zombies and burning the bodies.  C.O.W comes back and tells Fiona that they will be running this coven until the next supreme reveals herself.  Fiona tells them that it will not happen, because this is all apart of Myrtles scheme.  We then find out that Myrtle was the one who threw the sulfuric acid on Cordelia, because she has burns on her hand, and Fiona makes them believe that Myrtle also killed Madison.  C.O.W then decides that the only way to punish her is to burn her on the stake.  Over at the burn site, the coven and C.O.W head to the middle of nowhere and watch as Myrtle burns to death. 

Queenie goes to talk to Fiona, and we find out that Queenie is behind Myrtle's hand being burnt, through her being a human voodoo doll.  So Myrtle was innocent of both charges, I think.  Fiona then tells Queenie that she is the new supreme, and that she will teach Queenie everything she knows, just like she told Madison.  In Spalding's room, we see him prancing about in heels and a nightie spraying Lysol, because he still has Madison's dead body.  Over at the burn site, Misty arrives and brings Myrtle back from the dead.

The End.
This week was amazing!  So many questions though!  Like why was Cordelia able to see Hanks cheating, why Misty brought Myrtle back, and how she even knew where Myrtle was?  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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