Wednesday, December 11, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven "Head" (3x09 Spoilers!)

We open in 1991 with a younger Hank, who is on his first 'hunting' trip with his father and we learn that his family has been hunting witches for generations.  Since it is his first hunting trip, he is suppose to take down the witch they are hunting, but he can't do it.  In present time, Fiona goes to the beauty parlor to talk to Marie about Delphine, whose head she brought with, and the witch hunters.  Marie doesn't seem to care, so Fiona leaves, Marie then gets Queenie to take Delphine's head and burn her.  At the academy, Myrtle tells Coredlia that she was not the one to blind her and Cordelia believes her.  In Atlanta, Hank meets with his father, who runs a witch hunting corporation, and talks to him about his mission and that they were behind blinding Cordelia, which Hank knew nothing about.

Myrtle calls a meeting with C.O.W, where she poisons Quentin and Primbrooke, paralyzing them, then taking their eyes out with a melon baller and cutting them up into pieces.  She gives Cordelia the eyes, one of each, which gives Cordelia her sight back.  Fiona returns home and starts fighting with Myrtle, Cordelia gets them to stop and realizes her visions are gone.  At the hospital, Madison and Zoe are there to get Nan, who has been trying to see Luke all night, but his mom, Joan, wont let her in.  Madison and Zoe manage to get her in and convince Joan that they are witches by using Nan's mind reading skills to read Luke, who is in a coma.  At Queenie's place, she has Delphine's head, because she couldn't burn her, and starts a marathon of slavery to freedom movies, beginning with Roots.

Over with Hank, he starts getting stabbed, which is the result of him not killing the witches, so Marie is now killing him unless he kills the witches tonight.  In the green house, Cordelia is teaching Misty some spells, when Hank comes in.  Cordelia wants nothing to do with him and tells him to get his stuff and leave.  He gets his stuff from the main house, but before he can leave he gets cornered by Fiona and a dog, she runs him out, but stumbles across Kyle, who kills the dog.  At the hospital, Luke uses Nan to talk to his mom about how she was the one who killed his dad because he was cheating on her.  That doesn't go over too well and Joan kicks her out of the room. 

The next morning, Madison, Nan, and Zoe arrive back at the academy to find that Fiona has fixed Kyle.  At the beauty parlor, Hank barges in and kills everyone, including Queenie, but excluding Marie, as with Queenie's last breath she shoots Hank.  We then get a montage of everything that is happening from Delphine finally breaking down to Luke waking from his coma, only to be smothered with a pillow by his mom.  The episode then ends with Marie going to the academy and Fiona letting her in.

The End.
Great episode!  Sad to see Queenie die, hoping Misty can bring her back!  The show returns January 8th and it looks like it's going to take an even darker turn than it already is.  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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