Wednesday, January 8, 2014

American Horror Story: Coven "The Magical Delights Of Stevie Nicks" (3x10 Spoilers!)

We open with Marie sleeping, at the academy when Papa Legba comes into her room to ask for her sacrifice.  She then leaves the academy and heads to a hospital where she steals a baby.  Police arrive and try to take the baby from her, but she uses her voodoo to make the officers shoot each other.  The next morning Cordelia, Fiona, and Marie have breakfast and Marie reveals she hired Hank to kill them.  Fiona tells Cordelia that she told her so by slapping her in the face.  Upstairs, Fiona give Misty a skeleton key and takes her down to meet her friend, and fellow witch, Stevie Nicks!  Fiona does not play fair!  Misty passes out, as the girls arrive back at the academy in time to see Stevie play "Rhiannon" on the piano. 

The girls go upstairs to talk about who the next supreme is, of course they all think it's going to be one of them, and we learn Nan has mind control powers.  Cordelia, Fiona, and Marie meet in the study to talk about Hank's father, who runs the witch hunting company.  They set up a spell that will take down the company and once they cast it Fiona passes out.  Zoe and Nan go to the hospital to see Luke and find out that he died.  When Fiona wakes, she gets into a discussion with Marie about the immortal potion, which we find out Marie received from Papa Legba.  We then learn she made a deal with him, where he comes every year for a baby, which explains why she stole the one from the hospital.

The next day, Madison and Misty walk in a funeral parade, they soon arrive at a cemetery, where Madison hits Misty over the head with a brick and is buried alive.  That night Zoe and Nan head to Luke's, where Nan reads his moms mind and finds out she killed him.  Nan then uses her new mind control powers to make her drink bleach, so she will be cleansed.  In the green house Myrtle talks to Cordelia about what Fiona said to her and Cordelia starts smashing things.  In her bedroom, Fiona summons Papa Legba for the immortal potion in exchange for a service of his choosing every year.  They go to finalize the deal, but he tells her that she has no soul.  The next morning Nan and Zoe are talking when Nan hears a noise, goes to investigate and finds the baby.  Marie and Fiona take the baby from her and then drown Nan to get Papa Legba back for a deal.  The episode then ends with Stevie Nicks playing the piano.

The End.
Great return!  Sucks that Nan had to die, she was my favorite and I really had hopes of her being the Supreme!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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