Wednesday, December 4, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven "The Sacred Taking" (3x08 Spoilers!)

We open with Queenie about to be attacked by a man, under train tracks, but she uses her voodoo and kills him.  Madison and Zoe show up and tell her that she needs to come back, Queenie refuses and rips the guys heart out for a potion Marie is working on to boost Queenie's powers.  At Axeman's motel, he is still with Fiona, and she is telling him about how she is going to find the Supreme and kill her.  Over at Luke's, his mom starts telling him that he needs to be cleansed and whips something up, but it's not indicated exactly what it is.  Over at the Academy, Cordelia calls a meeting with Madison, Zoe, and Nan, when Misty shows up and tells Zoe something bad is after her.  We then go to a flashback of Misty sleeping and Myrtle coming to tell her someone is on her grounds, the person then breaks in and starts shooting.  Back in present time, Zoe takes her to Cordelia, who sees her past, and agrees to take her in. 

Misty then takes them to the green house where she hid Myrtle, and Myrtle tells Cordelia that the next Supreme is Misty!  They then start a ritual, The Sacred Taking, which will pin point who the new Supreme really is.  Upstairs, Fiona is slowly dying when Madison comes in to tell her that she is the Supreme and that she needs to leave, Madison leaves and Myrtle comes in.  Downstairs, Madison tells everyone that Fiona bought her lie, of her being Supreme, Nan asks if they think she could be the Supreme, but they don't think so and she runs out to Luke's house.  Back upstairs, Fiona is laying in bed, preparing to die when Spalding comes in, wait, isn't he dead?  Turns out Spalding is a ghost and has come to give her a potion to cure her cancer, he then tells her that Madison is not the Supreme.  At the beauty parlor, Queenie tries to talk to Delphine, but Marie shoos her away and proceeds to cut Delphine's arm off. 

Over at Luke's, Nan gets Luke to leave, but they're stopped by his mom, he stands up to her, but the shooter arrives and shoots Luke and his mom.  At the Academy, everyone is waiting around for the next Supreme to be chosen when Fiona, who looks much better, comes in.  At the same time, they realize Nan has been gone to long and they head to Luke's.  The police arrive, and after they wheel Luke out, Fiona tells Misty to bring back Luke's mom and she does.  The next day, Fiona and Cordelia have a chat, and Cordelia tells her that she found a blessed silver bullet outside of Luke's, which signals a witch hunter.  Oh I bet it's Hank then!  While they are talking the doorbell rings and a package has been delivered, inside the package is Delphine's head, which asks for help.

The End.

Awesome episode!  So much happened this week, loved that Marie cut Delphine's head off and sent it to them.  Next week looks pretty good as well!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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