Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Supernatural "Holy Terror" (9x09 Spoilers!)

We open with a bus full of ministry glee club members, all female, stopping at a bar full of bikers.  They enter and it turns out the people off the bus and in the bar are all angels and the women kill everyone in the bar.  In the Impala, Dean is talking to Zeke, who tells him Sam is almost healed, but he still can't tell him the truth.  They arrive at the bar and are told that their colleague is already inside, who happens to be Cas!  Cas is there because of the angel killing and thinks Bartholomew is behind the killings.  Over in an alley, representatives of Bartholomew's group and of the female angel groups, headed by Malachi, meet, the meeting doesn't go well as Malachi kills Bartholomew's people.  Cas, Dean, and Sam head to a bar, and when Cas gets up to grab another round, Zeke comes out and tells Dean that Cas needs to go. 
When Cas returns, Sam, as Zeke, says he has to get something from the car and heads outside, where Metatron is waiting for him.  Metatron tells him that he know that he is not Ezekiel, what?  Turns out Ezekiel is not Ezekiel, but is Gadriel, one of God's most trusted who turned evil.  Metatron then tells him that he wants to rebuild Heaven, but without angels like Bartholomew.  At the bunker, Sam and Dean are going over the dead bikers and find out that they are all members of Boyle's group.  In a forest, members of Malachi's group are killed by members of Bartholomew's group.  The next day, Gadriel goes to meet up with Metatron and asks if Metatron will be called God when he rules Heaven, he says he will be known as 'X'.
At a motel, Cas is praying and manages to call Muriel, who doesn't want to help him at first, but eventually agrees.  Unfortunately Malachi's group shows up and kidnap Cas and Muriel, they torture Cas and kill Muriel.  At the bunker Kevin tells Dean that parts of the tablet don't make sense and are almost unable to be translated.  Malachi tells one of his henchmen, Theo, to kill Cas, but when Malachi leaves, Theo asks Cas if he can talk to Metatron, Cas lies and Theo releases him.  Once he's free he kills Theo and takes his grace, becoming an angel again.  After Cas escapes he calls Dean and tells him everything that just happened and that he found out that Ezekiel died in the fall.  Now Dean knows that Ezekiel is not in Sam, but someone else, as we know.  Dean goes to Kevin to get a spell where he can shut down the angel so he can speak directly to the vessel, aka Sam. 
Unfortunately Sam, as Gadriel, is meeting with Metatron and has agreed to his plans, but first has to show his loyalty and is given a piece of paper that has the name of the person he has to kill.  At the bunker, Kevin gives him the spell and asks to know what is going on, but Dean doesn't tell him.  Dean corners Sam and starts the spell, he only has a few minutes so he quickly tells Sam everything that's been happening to him.  Sam's not happy, he punches Dean and leaves the room where he runs into Kevin and kills him.  Dean goes after Sam, and we find out it was never Sam in the room, but Gadriel because he had overheard Dean and Kevin talking so he changed the spell.  We then find out the name on the paper was Kevin's and Gadriel leaves the bunker.
The End.

Awesome mid-season finale!  I can't believe they killed Kevin, but I am happy that Cas has his grace back.  The mid-season premiere is January 14th and the preview was great, looks like they will be teaming up with Crowley!!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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