Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Walking Dead "Too Far Gone" (4x08 Spoilers!)

We open with Brian talking to his group about attacking the prison and taking it over as theirs, he then reveals he kidnapped Herschel and Michonne.  Everyone in the group agrees, except Lily, but he eventually talks her in to it.  Brian goes to his camper where Michonne and Herschel at, Herschel tries to talk him out of attacking the prison, but it doesn't work.  Over at the prison, Rick tells Daryl about making Carol leave and he doesn't take it well at first, but slowly accepts it and they head off to tell Tyreese.  Before they can tell Tyreese about Carol, he shows them something on a wall, but before they can discuss that, the prison shakes.  I don't know what is on the wall, but does that mean Carol didn't do it?

The shake signals that Brian and his group have arrived with a tank!  Brian tells them that they have Michonne and Herschel, Rick heads out to talk with Brian in exchange for Michonne and Herschel.  Brian tells Rick that they have until sundown to leave or they will kill them all.  Back at the campsite, where Lily and Megan are, Lily sees a walker approaching, but it drowns in the river.  Megan is digging in the dirt and finds a sign, underneath the sign is a walker, and she gets bitten.  Man, did you really have to kill the kid?  At the prison, the kids head to a bus, which is where the were told to go if anything ever happens, but Lizzie stops them to tell them that Carol told them to be strong and they should help. 

Outside, Rick tries to talk the group out of attacking and that if they just walk into the prison they would be accepted, just like the people of Woodbury were.  Rick's talk doesn't work and The Governor decapitates Herschel with Michonne's sword, which cause the prison to start shooting and the fight is on!  As the gun fight is going on Lily arrives with Megan, The Governor takes Megan from her and shoots her in the head without so much of a blink.  I think it's safe to say I don't like The Governor again, and he's back to being The Governor instead of Brian!  They take down the fence and the fight continues, Maggie runs in to the prison to get Glenn, leaving Beth to handle the bus, but when Maggie returns Beth is gone having gone to look for her.  Maggie can't find Beth, but meets up with Sasha and Bob just in time to see the bus leave, without them, they then leave the prison.

Over with Rick, him and The Governor are fighting when Michonne stabs The Governor through the chest with her sword.  Michonne stands over The Governor for awhile but does nothing, we then see Beth find Daryl, and they leave the prison.  Tyreese is fighting off the last 3 members of the group, he gets a little bit ambushed, and Mika and Lizzie save him, shooting the 3 dead.  Rick goes to find Carl and we find out that Judith is not in her car seat anymore, possibly signaling her death.  The episode then ends with Lily shooting The Governor, and Carl and Rick leaving the camp, with Rick telling Carl not to look back.

The End.
That was one hell of a Mid-Season Finale!!  Can't believe Herschel died, I was not expecting that at all.  The preview for it's return, in February, looks amazing and I can not wait for it to return!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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