Wednesday, January 22, 2014

American Horror Story: Coven "Go To Hell" (3x12 Spoilers!)

We open with a showing of what the 7 Wonders, to become Supreme are, they are as follows; Vitalum Vitalis, Telekinesis, Concilium, Divination, Descensum, Pyrokinesis, and Transmutation.   In the academy, Fiona is telling Queenie about the 7 Wonders, and that she will all be tested on Saturday.  Upstairs, Cordelia tries her hand at sight, on Madison, but it doesn't work.  However we do learn that Madison now has the power of Transmutation.  Over in the green house, Queenie is looking for Marie, but she can't find her so she calls for Papa Legba.  Legba tells her that Delphine has Marie and is cutting her up in Delphine's house, which Delphine now curates at.  Queenie heads to see Delphine, who tells her that the world is a lie, and then Queenie stabs her. Delphine then appears to bleed out, guess Queenie made a deal with Legba? 

At the academy, Fiona is getting her Supreme portrait done to hang on the wall when she gets a nose bleed, that makes her realize that she is dying.  Fiona heads upstairs and Cordelia comes to see her, she is given her grandmothers necklace by Fiona as a goodbye gift.  However when Fiona puts the necklace around Cordelia's neck, Cordelia has a vision, but this time it's a vision from the future not the past.  Cordelia sees all of the girls dead, with Fiona standing over Cordelia's dead body to take the necklace back.  When Cordelia comes back to the present she doesn't tell her mother, and heads to see Axeman to tell him that Fiona is leaving without so much as a goodbye.  Back at the academy, Cordelia is touching Misty's things to find her, and tracks her down to the cemetery where she takes Queenie to bring her back.  Back at the academy, Myrtle and Madison are in the foyer when Zoe and Kyle walk in.  Turns out they tried to get away, but Kyle ended up killing a guy, who Zoe brought back to life, so she is here to fight to be Supreme. 

At that moment Misty, Cordelia, and Queenie arrive back at home, and Misty starts fighting Madison, until Axeman shows up.  They all manage to put their bickering aside to handle Axeman, who has blood on his face.  Cordelia finds a splatter of blood on the floor and proclaims that the blood belongs to Fiona.  We then go to earlier that night, when Fiona arrives at Axeman's and he confronts her about leaving, she doesn't deny, and he kills her.  Back in present time, Cordelia announces that Fiona is in the swamp where he put her, the girls then all settle their differences and kill Axeman.  We are then transported to Delphine's torture chamber, but it's not current day it's back in her era, but Marie is in charge and Delphine is in a cage.  Marie seems to snap out of something, we then find out that this is hell and that both Marie and Delphine are dead.  At the academy, Kyle hangs Fiona's portrait and Cordelia announce the 7 Wonders will be tested Sunday at dawn and everyone will participate.  Next week we will have a new Supreme!

The End.

Awesome episode!  Can't believe Fiona, Marie, and Delphine are all dead!  Next week is the Season Finale, and it's going to be good!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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