Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Supernatural "First Born" (9x11 Spoilers!)

We open in what appears to be the civil war era, where 3 officers are guarding a Knight, of Hell, when someone comes in and kills them all.  In present day, Dean is at a bar when Crowley shows up to see if he wants to go hunting to find the First Blade, which is the only thing that can kill Abaddon.  Crowley tells him that word has it that John knew about the blade, and since they both want Abaddon dead, Dean agrees.  Unfortunately one of Abaddon's minion's is at the bar and starts following them.  Over at the bunker Cas has been healing Sam daily, and has discovered that there is a little piece of Gadriels grace left in Sam.  They discover that they may be able to locate Gadriel if they can extract the grace from Sam, but to do so is extremely painful and has never been tested on anyone.  At the bar, Dean looks through John's book and finds a code which leads him, and Crowley to one of John's storage units. 

Inside they find the file on the First Blade, and that John worked with a women named Tara to exorcise the demon that knew of the First Blade.  Crowley and Dean head to meet Tara, who can sense a demon when her knee starts acting up, she instantly spots Crowley and traps him in a demon trap under a rug in her shop.  Dean asks about the First Blade, and Tara tells him that she had tracked down a locator spell, but is missing one ingredient, which Crowley goes and gets after he is released from the trap.  They cast the locator spell and it leads them to Missouri, when Crowley and Dean get there, Crowley realizes that the person who has the blade is the Father of Murder aka Cain.  Yes, as in Cain and Abel!  Crowley thinks they should leave, but it's too late and Cain invites them into his house.  Inside, Crowley tells Dean that after Cain killed Abel he became a demon and killed thousands.  When Cain comes back with tea, Dean asks him about the blade, but he's retired and wants nothing to do with them. 

Cain asks them to leave, makes a remark about heading in to town, and kicks them out.  Outside, Dean tells Crowley the are going to go in after Cain leaves and look for the blade.  When Cain leaves they go in, but right behind them is Abaddon's minion, who found out where they were by killing Tara.  Before they realize that the minion is there, Cain arrives back home. The minion, who has gathered a few friends, then starts calling them out, Cain tells them he wont help, and lets the minions in.  Over at the bunker, Cas is extracting the grace from Sam, but in doing so is causing Sam to regress to how bad he was before Gadriel went in him.  Back at Cain's, Dean and Crowley manage to fight off all of the minions, so Cain tells Dean that he doesn't have the blade anymore.  This of course brings us the question of how the locator pointed to him, and we find out the locator tracked it back to the power source which is the mark of Cain. 

More minions start to show up and Cain leaves, we then find out that Cain was married to a women, Colette, who knew what he was and loved him regardless.  Unfortunately, Colette got possessed by Abaddon and was killed by her, but before Colette died she told Cain not to avenge her.  Cain returns and tells Dean that he can give him the mark, but when he calls, Dean will come to him and kill him, Dean agrees and takes the mark.  At the bunker Cas sees how bad Sam is getting and stops the extraction, he heals Sam and they cast the spell, but it wasn't enough grace so the spell doesn't work.  Back at Cain's, he tells them the blade is at the bottom of the ocean then transports Dean and Crowley out of his house and takes on all of the minions. Crowley and Dean head to the ocean, where Dean tells Crowley that he noticed that Crowley sat back when Dean was fighting, and doesn't appreciate it.  The episode them ends with Crowley going to retrieve the blade.

The End.
Awesome episode!  Love that they tackled Cain and Abel, and that Dean now has the mark!  Next week looks great, Garth is back and he may be a werewolf?  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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