Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Supernatural "Sharp Teeth" (9x12 Spoilers!)

We open with a guy trespassing with the owner chasing after him with a gun, the man runs into traffic and gets hit, and we find out it's Garth.  Sam and Dean both arrive at the hospital Garth was taken too, they enter his room and see that he is handcuffed to the bed, as he is being charged with killing a cow.  They un cuff him and wake him up to question him on where he's been the past 6 months, but he gets sick and runs to the bathroom.  Before they can question him he runs away, Sam goes to talk to the land owner, while Dean checks the hospital cameras for where Garth could have gone.  Dean gets pictures from the camera, but lies to Sam when he calls, luckily Sam is around the corner and sees the pictures.  They then find out the car Garth got away in is owned by a girl named Bessie and head to her house to question her.  They arrive at Bessie's, where they find Garth, and search for Bessie, who jumps out behind a door and attacks them.  Bessie happens to be a werewolf, a born wolf at that, and shortly after we find out Garth is also a werewolf. 

Turns out the reason he hasn't been around the last 6 months is because he was bitten.  Garth met Bessie after turning and the 2 are now married, Sam and Dean are weary of her, but Garth reassures them that everything is kosher.  Garth invites them to a church meeting to show him they're ok, which Dean agrees to while Sam talks to the police.  At church, Dean breaks bread with them as they eat hearts around him, and Bessie's father gets though to Dean a little, but he still isn't convinced.  Afterwards, Dean and Garth talk and Dean tells him that Kevin died.  Later that night, Sam and Dean discuss what to do when Sam gets a call from the police about another animal killing.  They arrive at the scene and look over the dead animal, but it turns out the officer who called them is a werewolf.  They manage to kill the wolf before he kills them and discover that he is wearing a silver bullet, which is a symbol for Garth's pack, and etched in the silver bullet is the word, Ragnarok.  Norse Mythology, yes!

Sam heads to find Bessie and Garth while Dean heads to the church to find more information on what Ragnarok means.  He discovers that the pack is actually a cult and calls Sam who informs him that Garth and Bessie have been taken.  Sam leaves to go find Garth and Bessie and gets attacked by 2 members of the cult.  Bessie's dad arrives, Dean talks to him and finds that Ragnarok is not etched into his bullet, but he knows who is behind it.  Over at the farm, Garth, Bessie, and Sam are all tied up and we find out Bessie's step mom is behind all this.  Dean arrives at the farm house and kills Bessie's step mom.  The next day, Sam and Dean talk, after saying goodbye to Garth and Sam reveals that he can't trust Dean, but agrees to work with him again.

The End.

Good episode!  Always nice to see Garth!  Next week looks like it's going to be a filler week, and makes me think of the Adipose!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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