Wednesday, January 15, 2014

American Horror Story: Coven "Protect The Coven" (3x11 Spoilers!)

We open in 1830 with Delphine and her family moving to New Orleans, their servants have yet yo arrive so they have to make dinner by killing a chicken.  Delphine's daughter can't do it so Delphine does, and seems oddly fascinated by it.  Later that night, Delphine heads to what becomes her torture chamber to find one of her movers injured, and she decides to make him her first victim.  In present time, everyone gathers at the cemetery for Nan's funeral when Queenie and Delphine arrive.  Queenie's alive!!  Delphine's head is also back on her shoulders thanks to Queenie, maybe she's the Supreme?  We then get a montage of Delphine working as a maid with her doing voice over, before her bloodlust comes back and she tortures the gardener in the attic.  In the bathroom, Zoe casts a spell to see who killed Nan, and finds out that it was Marie and Fiona.  Madison comes in and wants Kyle, but he rejects her so she decides to attack Zoe, luckily Myrtle comes in to stop her. 

Back with Delphine, she finishes torturing the gardener when Spalding appears and tells her he can help her break free of this place by killing Marie.  Delphine counters that Marie is immortal, but is told that she can be killed by using magic, if she gets him something he wants.  In the green house, Cordelia works on a way to get her 'visions' back, she makes up a salve that she rubs on her eyes then proceeds to stab herself in the eyes with a knife.  Fiona comes home to receive the news from Myrtle, who tells her that Cordelia did this to protect the coven.  Back in the attic, Delphine returns with what Spalding wanted, which is a doll baby, and Spalding gives her the thing that will kill Marie, which is Benadryl.  Why is Spalding fucking around with Delphine? 

Over in the green house, Zoe is given a piece of jewelry from Myrtle and is told to leave the house with Kyle, which she agrees to do.  The next day, Marie and Fiona arrive at a meeting with Hank's fathers company, where they are offered a truce, they refuse it and Axeman pops up and kills everyone, on the opposing side, with his axe.  Back at the academy, Fiona and Marie celebrate their victory, when they're done Fiona takes off to see Axeman, and Marie heads to bed.  Delphine tries the pills on Marie then stabs her, it obviously doesn't work and Marie chases Delphine to the staircase, where Spalding hits her over the head with one of his dolls.  Spalding tells Delphine he used her to get Marie out of the way and that she should bury her in a way that she can't get out.  The episode then ends with Zoe, doing as Myrtle asked, and boarding a bus with Kyle.

The End.
Awesome episode!  Great to see that Queenie is alive and the murder scene was pretty sweet.  Also who caught the Misery throwback?  Next week looks good, it seems that Misty is back and that Axeman is going to reveal his true intentions!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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