Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Supernatural "Road Trip" (9x10 Spoilers!)

We open with Dean giving Kevin the hunters burial of burning his body.  Over with Gadriel as Sam, he goes to see an angel, who is using a pop star as his vessel, they talk before Gadriel kills him.  At the bunker, Cas arrives and Dean tells him the whole story about what has been happening.  They go to Crowley for help, who agrees to help if they let him out of the shackles and go on a little trip, which they agree to.  They are seen as they leave town by a women who turns out to be a demon working for Abbaddon.  The gang arrives at a office where one of Crowley's minions works, he collects information on the Impala and they head to find it.  Metatron gives Gadriel another name, but this time it's Gadriels best friend, who now has a family, and questions if he should kill him, before he kills him. 

Dean and Cas arrive to find Gadriel over the dead body, he fights Dean off, but gets knocked out by Cas. Dean, Cas, and Crowley tie up Gadriel and question him for a bit before Crowley starts torturing him.  After awhile Dean can't take it and leaves, because even though it's Gadriel it's still his brothers body.  Cas goes after him and they talk for awhile before Crowley calls for them, because Gadriel passed out, and they find out that Gadriel is Gadriel.  When Gadriel comes to, he tells them its not going to work, so Dean tells Cas to possess him, but he can only do it if he has permission from the vessel.  However, Crowley doesn't need permission and can possess him, after a little bargaining, Dean agrees to let him do it. 

When Crowley goes into Sam, he finds Sam, and makes him remember everything that happened, unfortunately Gadriel shows up as they are about to leave.  A fight ensues  until Sam gains control and casts Gadriel out of his body and then expels Crowley.  As Sam awakens, Abbaddon arrives, and Crowley tells Dean, Cas, and Sam to leave and that he will handle her.  Crowley and Abbaddon have a little talk about who will rule hell and Crowley leaves after giving his campaign speech.  Cas heals Sam and then gives them some space so Sam and Dean can talk.  Dean tells Sam that this is all his fault, and doesn't want to drag Sam down any more, so he takes off without him.

The End.

This week was great!  Can't believe Dean left Same behind!  Next week looks good, as Crowley and Dean are going to be hunting together!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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