Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Walking Dead "After" (4x09 Spoilers!)

We open at the prison, where we see that The Governor is dead, Michonne returns to get 2 new pets and finds Herschel's, walker-fied, disembodied head and stabs it.  Over with Rick and Carl, they find a bar where they find some food and water.  Rick seems to be doing badly as Carl kills the walker in the bar, but he gets yelled at by Rick for wasting a bullet.  They head back out and find a house to rest in where Carl decides he's sick of Rick and starts yelling and cursing. Go Carl!  Then to really rub it in he mentions Shane later that night.  We then go into Michonne's dreams, where she is having breakfast, pre walker movement, with her boyfriend and his friend, aka her first 2 pets.  Her son then comes out and the dream starts to transition into a nightmare as the 2 become her pets and her son disappears.  She awakens and we head back to Carl who is making breakfast, when he hears walkers, he tries to wake Rick up, but can't. 

Carl goes out and draws the attention of the walkers and lures them away from the house, he loses control of them and they attack, but he manages to fight all 3 off. Carl is becoming such a badass!  Back with Michonne, and her pets, she blends into a group of walkers, where she sees someone who looks like her.  Carl heads back to the house, but Rick still isn't awake, and he starts going off on him about how all of this is his fault.  The next day, Carl wonders around the neighborhood and into a house, where he finds food, further into the house he finds a walker. The walker almost gets him, and does actually get one of Carl's shoes, but Carl manages to lock him in a bedroom.  Back with Michonne, she sees the women who looks like her again and starts having a breakdown, she kills all the walkers, including her pets, and starts crying.  She then makes her way to a main road, where she finds footprints and follows the prints. 

Later that night, Carl wakes up to the sound of Rick, as a walker, but when he pulls the gun to shoot him he realizes that he can't kill his dad.  However, Rick isn't dead yet and tell Carl to be safe, then passes out.  The next morning, Michonne arrives at the bar from earlier, and continues with her breakdown.  At the house, Rick is finally awake and him and Carl are having a talk about Carl leaving the house.  The episode ends with Michonne knocking on their door and Rick telling Carl it's for him.

The End.

Great mid-season premiere!  Loved learning more about Michonne's past, even though it was really sad.  Next week looks really good, can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (
Hope you all have a great night!

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