Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Supernatural "Thinman" (9x15 Spoilers!)

We open with a teenage girl who is taking selfies when she hears a noise, but plays it off, she looks through her photos and sees a guy in the picture with her.  He appears behind her and she runs to her closet to call the police, he appears behind her with a knife and kills her.  At the bunker, Dean hears about the case and brings Sam in and they head to the scene of the murder.  They go to question the mom of the teen, who mentions cold spots which gets there attention.  The mom tells them that 2 supernaturalist came by to offer her some help, which she accepted.  Sam and Dean find The Ghostfacers, Ed and Harry, at a diner and tells them to leave, so no one else gets hurt, or he will shoot them.  Back at the hotel, Sam goes to The Ghostfacers website and finds out that they wrote a book on Thinman.  They're tackling Slenderman, awesome!  Dean doesn't believe that Thinman could be real and looks into the recent deaths in the area instead.

Ed and Harry don't listen to Sam and Dean and continue to investigate at the dead girls house.  That night at the diner, its closing time and someone knocks on the door, but no ones there.  The manager pulls up the security camera, Thinman is shown behind him and he kills the manager.  Sam and Dean how up at the crime scene to find Ed and Harry already there, the deputy, Norwood, shows them the security footage, which makes Dean believe.  Later that night, the video gets posted online, and Harry suggests they head to the woods to search him out.  Ed drops Harry off in the woods and goes to Sam and Dean to tell them that he created Thinman because Harry was going to leave The Ghostfacers.  Over with Ed, who is filming his search, he stumbles across Thinman and gets cut with his knife, before Sam and Dean come in to save him.  Back at the hotel, Ed and Harry talk about what Ed did and they get into a fight with Harry giving Ed the silent treatment. 

Ed leaves the room to give Harry some space, and Sam goes in to talk to him and tells him that there are things that can be forgiven, but there are some that can't.  Dean comes in to tell Sam they  have a lead and they leave, Ed over hears the lead and tells Harry.  Ed wants to make things right and Harry wants to help, so they head out to where Sam and Dean are going.  Sam and Dean arrive at their location and meet with the deputy, who ends up tasering them. Norwood ties them up and sets up a camera and back drop, Thinman comes out and he is revealed to be Roger, a busboy from the diner.  Roger is getting ready to kill them when The Ghostfacers show up and are captured by Roger and Norwood.  In that amount of time, Sam and Dean manage to escape and Dean kills Roger while Harry kills Norwood.  The episode ends with Harry telling Ed that he can't forgive him, which is reminiscent to the Sam and Dean fight, and he hitches a ride out of town with Sam and Dean.

The End.
Great episode!  Loved seeing The Ghostfacers and seeing them take on Slenderman, but sad to see The Ghostfacers end like that.  Supernatural returns on March 18 and it appears Crowley is sick?  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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