Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Supernatural "Bloodlines" (9x20 Spoilers!)

We open at a supernatural bar where a fight breaks out between Julian, a werewolf, and Sal, a shape shifter.  A guy, Ennis, who had been in the bar leaves with his girlfriend before the fight breaks out.  In the bar, a hooded guy comes in and starts stabbing people.  Outside, Ennis is about to propose when Sal comes out bleeding and dies,the hooded guy comes out and kills Ennis' girlfriend.  There are so many supernatural things, I am kind of excited for this show to debut.  The next day a guy, David, gets a call saying his brother, Sal, died, and he heads home.  At the police station, Ennis is being question by a detective, when Sam and Dean come in and ask him a few questions, and deny the existence of monsters.  At David's family home, his sister, Margo, is talking to the detective from the station about getting rid of their enemies, when David arrives and gets bitched at.  I am liking Margo!

Over with Ennis, he is at his house where he opens his fathers trunk, and finds a gun with silver bullets.  Looks like his dad, who I assume is dead, may have been a hunter.  Ennis goes to the club to investigate and runs into Sam and Dean who tell him everything, but advise him to stay away.  Back at his house, the detective shows up, but Ennis realizes it's not the detective, it's David, who is a shape shifter.  Ennis pulls his gun and David tells him he is looking for his brothers killer and that there are 5 supernatural families that rule Chicago.  What?  David manages to trick Ennis into coming closer and runs off, but gets the name Julian Duval from David.  That night Ennis goes to Julian's house, where Sam and Dean are, David is also there and he runs into his ex, Violet, who is now engaged to Julian.  The hooded guy returns and tries to kill David, but Ennis saves him, Sam and Dean then come in and get them out before the police arrive.  They arrive at a safe place and we learn that Violet, who was kidnapped during all of this, is a werewolf. 

Over with Violet, she is tied up and we find out that her attacker, the hooded guy, is human, and against the 'freaks'.  The crew arrives at the place Violet is being held at, they arm themselves and head inside.  David immediately gets caught by Hoodie and is tied up, Violet gets pissed and wolfs out attacking Hoodie.  Sam, Dean, and Ennis arrive at the scene of the commotion, Hoodie tells Ennis he is sorry about his girlfriend, and Ennis shoots him.  The next day, Violet tells David that Sal is the reason they broke up, they kiss, but she returns to Julian.  David heads back to his family home, where his dad, who is dying, tells him to stop Margo from starting a war.  Sam and Dean drop Ennis off and tell him not to go hunting for monsters before they leave.  The episode ends with Ennis going back to Hoodie's lair for information, while he is there he gets a call from...his dad?

The End.
Very interesting!  Can't wait for this show to debut and to learn more about the 5 families!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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