Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Supernatural "King of the Damned" (9x21 Spoilers!)

We open with Abbaddon in ye old time where she kills one guy and brings the other to the present.  In present day, Castiel is leading an army at a warehouse, when Sam and Dean show up.  Cas tells them what he is doing and why he called them to meet.  He wants them to get information out of one of Metatron's minions he has captured, which they agree to.  Over with Crowley, he is talking to his followers, but Abbaddon walks in and we find out his minions have turned on him.  Abbaddon makes Crowley an offer to take down Sam and Dean and when that is done they can handle each other.  Abbaddon then brings in the guy from ye old time, and we find out he is Crowley's son, Abbaddon then tortures him until Crowley agrees to talk.  There is a really funny scene here where the guy is trying to process everything and calls Abbaddon and Crowley angels, ha!

Back at Cas HQ, Sam and Dean talk to the guy, Ezra, they don't find much out, but there may be a portal to Heaven on Earth.  After they leave another angel comes in and finds Ezra dead.  Over with Crowley, we find out he was a really shitty father, but decides to forgive him when he sees the perks of his dad being the king of hell.  Back with Cas, he meets up with Gadriel to try to get him on his side of the angel war.  Back at HQ, Crowley calls Sam and Dean to tell them he has had contact with Abbaddon and that he will give them the coordinates for the first blade.  Unfortunately, Crowley is working with Abbaddon so they are most likely walking into their death....again.  Sam and Dean head to the location and find that the blade is in a dead body, but first they have to get past the Hell Hound.  They eventually get past the Hound and get the blade, they call Crowley who tips them off about working with Abbaddon. 

After Crowley gets of the phone Abbaddon shoots him with a devil trap etched bullet.  When Sam and Dean get to the rendezvous point, Dean decides to send him on a wild goose chase so he doesn't get hurt.  Dean takes the blade to the room, Abbaddon gives him a good fight before he kills her with the blade.  However, Dean goes a little bit crazed, as he has since he got the mark, and after he kills her he keeps stabbing her until Sam brings him out of it.  After everything is done Sam and Dean tell Crowley his son has to go back to his time.  Crowley knows that his son will die if he does so he poofs with his son and gives him a new life in present day.  The episode ends with Sam telling Dean they should lock the blade up somewhere safe, but Dean says no.

The End.
Good episode.  Finally wrapped up Abbaddon's arc, sad to see her go though, I quite liked her.  Next week looks interesting as Dean is going to be getting really bad.  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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