Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Supernatural "Meta Fiction" (9x18 Spoilers!)

We open with Metatron, who is in a study surrounded by Chuck's books, typing away on a typewriter.  Metatron looks up at us and tells us that he is going to tell us a story tonight.  At the bunker, Sam tells Dean that there has been no sightings of Abbaddon lately.  Over with Cas, he is at a warehouse, that looks to have been used as a torture chamber, he runs into a women, Hannah, who tells him that the person who killed everyone was Gadriel.  Which means that Gadriel is working with Metatron, which we already knew, but now everyone else knows.  Cas calls Sam and Dean to tell them, and they head to one of the recent crime scenes.  Cas, who is in a motel, notices that the lights have started flickering and the TV comes on, it lands on Casa Erotica 14, and guess who pops up on the screen?  Gabriel!!  Gabriel pops out of the TV and we find out he didn't die, but has just been chilling in heaven, that is until they all fell and went back into porn for safety.  Gabriel joins Cas on the hunt for Metatron, they hit the road and call Sam and Dean. 

Eventually they stop at a gas station where they are then surrounded by Metatron's minions, Gabriel tells Cas that he can hold them off so Cas can get away.  Cas then realizes that this was just one of Gabriel's tricks and none of this is really happening and that Gabriel is kind of working with Metatron.  Cas questions if Gabriel is even still alive, but Gabriel just gives him a look and sends him into reality.  Reality is in Metatron's study, where we learn that Metatron wasn't talking to us in the beginning, but to Cas, who is tied up.  Over with Sam and Dean, they track down Gadriel and get him in an angel trap.  Dean tell Sam he is too close to the situation and that he needs to go find Cas, and he heads off.  Back with Metatron, he tells Cas that in the book he is writing, he is the hero, and that Cas is the villain.  He tells Cas that he can get Cas' grace back, since the one he has isn't his, and that he will keep him charged forever, if he works with him.  One of Metatron's minions comes in and tells him that Gadriel has been compromised and we head back over to Dean. 

Dean is trying to get Gadriel to tell him what he knows, but he gets nothing.  Sam arrives at the motel Cas was at and runs into Metatron, who tells him that he will give Cas back, but for a trade.  The trade is Cas for Gadriel, Sam heads back to Dean and tells him that the trade is set for tomorrow, where they decide to set up a trap.  The next day, Metatron arrives, but the Metatron already knew about the trap and it doesn't seem to bother him as he easily blows out the holy fire.  They do the trade, letting Gadriel go and getting Cas back, and Metatron leaves.  Later that night, they are all talking and Cas finally learns that Dean has the Mark of Cain, which he doesn't approve of.  Sam and Dean then take off leaving Cas to continue his hunt.  Over in the study, Metatron is telling Gadriel that he knows how this all ends aslong as everyone plays their part.  The episode ends with Cas following Metatrons orders and becoming a leader, which will end in him being the villain.

The End.

Awesome episode! Loved seeing Gabriel again!  Gabriel is one of my favorite characters and it's nice to see that he is still alive.  Next week looks great and it appears Jody is back!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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