Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Supernatural "Do You Believe In Miracles" (9x23 Spoilers!)

We open right at the end of last week with Cas and Sam trying to hold Dean back from killing Gadriel.  They lock him up in the demon circle area, then head back to see that Gadriel has left, but there is a blood trail.  Over with Metatron, he makes an announcement over Angel Radio about Heaven and then gets back to the book he is writing.  Back with Dean, he coughs up blood and then summons Crowley to tell him what is wrong with him.  Crowley tells him that the blade is making him yearn to kill, he and Crowley then break out, steal back the blade, and leave the bunker.  Sam and Cas go looking for Gadriel and find him, Cas heals him and they bring him back to the bunker.  Gadriel tells them that it may be a good thing Dean has the blade and that it could kill Metatron.  Speaking of, Metatron has gone viral by reviving a dead woman on the street and then whispering something in her ear.  Dean and Crowley arrive at the woman's house to find Sam already there and the lady gone. 
Over at a playground, which also happens to be the gate to Heaven, Gadriel and Cas arrive and go through it.  Unfortunately Metatron's minions know the plan and lock them up in Heaven Jail.  In an alley, Metatron performs another 'miracle' and gets confronted by another Angel who tries to tell the people that Metatron is not good.  However, they are already on Team Metatron and they attack the angel, they then stab him with Metatron's Angel Blade.  Dean and Sam arrive at the alley and are getting ready to take on Metatron when Dean punches Sam to keep his safe and out of his fight.  Back in Heaven Jail, Gadriel sacrifices himself, like the Angels from last week, so Cas can escape.  Over in the alley, Dean confronts Metatron and they start fighting.  In Heaven, Helena, who locked them up, jumps back to Cas' side and helps keep Metatrons minions away, Cas starts looking and finds the Angel Tablet.  Over in the alley, Sam wakes up in time to see Metatron stab Dean, he goes to stab Metatron, but he disappears. 
Metatron pops up in Heaven, because Cas broke the Angel Tablet, he tells Cas that Dean is dead and handcuffs him to a chair.  Metatron tells Cas about his whole plan, which ends up being bad, as Cas turned on Angel Radio so every Angel heard what Metatron said.  They lock Metatron up in Heaven Jail and Helena questions what Cas will do to replenish his grace, because if he doesn't he dies.  In the alley, Dean dies in Sam's arms and Sam takes him back to the bunker and summons Crowley to bring Dean back.  However, Crowley is in the room Deans dead body is in and starts talking to Deans corpse.  Crowley tells him that he didn't tell him everything about Cain, and that Cain actually died, but the Mark wouldn't let him and he became something else.  The episode ends with Crowley putting the First Blade in Deans hand and telling him to wake up, he does, but his eyes are black.
The End.
DEAN IS A DEMON! Such an awesome finale!!  I can't wait for Season 10 now! Everything was wrapped up, but new questions started, and the fact that Dean Winchester, bad-ass hunter, is now a Demon!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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