Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Supernatural "Stairway To Heaven" (9x22 Spoilers!)

We open in Dixon, Missouri where a kid Angel, and some humans, gets killed by another Angel.  Sam and Dean arrive at the scene to discover that Cas is already there and that the killer was one of his Angels.  Over with Metatron, Gadriel confronts him about the people following him, but Metatron tells him he had a plan all along and still has one.  At Angel HQ, one of Cas' people, Helena tells him that Josiah wasn't at roll call and they think he may have been the one to kill Ezra.  One of his followers, who had been going through the evidence from the scene, tells them he found something.  Turns out the Angel, Orin, that killed everyone, kind of didn't kill everyone, but he killed himself, in Cas's name, and the backlash killed everyone else.  Sam and Dean pull Cas aside to talk about what is going on, Dean wants Cas to leave everything to him and Sam, but Cas wont.  Dean says Cas can go find Josiah, but he has to take Sam with him while Dean finds out about Orin. 

Dean questions Flagstaff about Orin and, with a little persuasion, she tells him that his friends might know.  His friends are Constance and, more importantly, Tessa, who we all know from previous seasons is a Reaper!  Back with Metatron, he tries to persuade some independent Angels to join his side, but fails.  One of Cas' Angels shows up and sacrifices himself in Cas' name, but Metatron comes out unscathed.   Dean goes and picks up Tessa, who was planning to sacrifice herself like the rest.  He brings Tessa back to Angel HQ where Helena tells him that he can talk to her, but not torture her.  Dean interrogates her with Helena in the room and Tessa tells them that Cas told her to do it.  Over with Sam and Cas, they arrive at a warehouse where Josiah may be, and discover that is it rigged with a bunch of traps.  They eventually make their way through to 'Heaven' and find Josiah burned alive with Holy Fire, but he is alive enough to tell Cas that he doesn't believe in Cas and dies. 

In the interrogation room, Helena gets heated and gets kicked out, when Dean goes back in he pulls out the First Blade and Tessa impales herself on it.  They lock him up in a room, but he goes free when Sam and CAs show up.  However their conversation is halted when Helena comes in and tells him he has a call from Metatron.  Metatron is on Skype, so all of HQ can hear and offers any Angel a chance to come to his side and gain entrance to Heaven.  The Angels turn on Cas, unless he can prove himself by killing Dean, but he can't and they all leave him.  Over with Metatron, it's revealed that the bomber Angels are Metatron's doing and Gadriel is not happy about it.  Sam and Dean take Cas back to the bunker and they all have a talk, but when they aren't looking Gadriel arrives and tells them about everything and asks to be on their team.  The episode ends with dean shaking his hand, but then slasing him with the First Blade.

The End.
Great episode!  Everything is heating up for the Finale next week!  Sad to see Tessa dies, I always liked when she was on.  Next week is the finale and it looks awesome!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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