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Curse of Chucky (2013)

Be afraid. Be effing afraid.

Since Curse of Chucky is being released today I decided why not celebrate it with a review! Going into this movie I'm not sure if this is a remake/reboot or a direct sequel to the last one, so I am a bit leary about it, but excited to see what happens. Let's start!

"Whose it from?"

We open with a delivery guy dropping off a package to a big, old Victorian house. Nica, a women in a wheelchair accepts the package for her mom, Sara, the delivery guy obviously hits on her, but her moms a bitch and downplays it. Her mom opens the package and inside is Chucky, but not the Chucky we know from previous sequels, it's the original good guy doll. I don't know about you guys, but the original good guy doll is really creepy compared to the stitched up one. Later that night we hear Sara scream, Nica finds her dead on the first floor, which is a cool scene, as it shows the blood coming out of Sara, and we see Nica's reflection in it. Chucky looks on in a chair off in the distance.

The next morning after the police leave, Nica's sister, Barb, and Barb's family, Ian, her husband, and her daughter, Alice, arrive. Barb also bring a pastor, Frank, and her Au Pair, Jill, turns out Barb is her mothers daughter, as she is a bitch as well. Nica goes to give Alice the Chucky doll, but he has vanished from the chair he's been in all frame long. Alice heads to the bathroom, and for some reason has a door locking problem, and she finds Chucky, in the bathroom of all places. While Jill and Ian are waiting, because for some reason they both had to go with Alice, Barb and Frank talk with Nica about moving into a disabled home so they can sell the house. All Barb wants is the money, due to them having financial problems, even though she has an Au Pair, the fact she has an Au Pair instead of a baby sitter, tells us how well off they are.

"He was in the bathroom"

Nica and Alice make dinner, while they are setting the table, Chucky sprinkles rat poison in one of the bowls of chili, we then play the whose-going-to-die-from-rat-poisoning game. Ian is first to speak up, but it's just to say how good it is, which Barb has to be rude about, Frank then mentions that the doll seems familiar. Alice then mentions that it tastes funny, but she's fine, it's Frank whose been poisoned, and he leaves. I'd like to mention here that Jill and Ian were flirting all through dinner, talking about how similar they are. We then arrive at the scene of a car crash and it's Frank, who gets decapitated.

"I think she wanted you to find him"

Back at the house the family is watching old home moves that were shot in super 8 format, and they notice this guy in the film, which happens to actually be Brad Dourif and who I would assume is Charles Lee Ray. Jill asks what happened to their dad, Daniel, and we found out that he drowned weeks before Nica was born. Alice comes downstairs and says that she can't find Chucky, Jill goes to help her and winds up in the kitchen, where Barb is also at. In what is a major plot twist, Ian's not the one screwing Jill, it's Barb who is! Yes, we see a steamy make out session between Barb and Jill, while that's happening Nica is calling to find out where the doll was sent from, but no luck as her phone is not in service.

Nica heads back into the living room, and finds Chucky sitting next to Ian on the sofa, she takes Chucky up to Alice in the elevator, when the power goes out and she is stuck between floor 1 and 2. The entire time we are seeing their, Nica and Chucky's, shadow and the entire time i am waiting for Chucky's head to go around like the exorcist. In the elevator we hear a knife being drawn, and then the power switches back on and his head has done a 360! Upstairs Nica gives Alice the doll, Nica and Barb then fight about something with Nica's heart, and the fact that she can't get stressed. This is when Alice sees that Nica's leg has been cut with what we can assume is the knife we heard, of course she can't feel it as she is paraplegic.

"You fucking should be"

Barb puts Alice to sleep, they pray first and Alice tells Barb that Chucky told her that god doesn't exist and that life's a bitch and then you die. By now a storm has started, Alice is scared of the storm so she can't sleep and decides to make a fort up the sheets, she tells Chucky shes scared and he replies that she fucking should be. Downstairs, Nica calls the delivery company and the person tells her that the package was sent from an evidence depository. In Alice's room, Jill finally shows up as the are bunking together, she gets on her computer and skypes Barb, Chucky is up and moving, and kills Jill. Barb manages not to see it as the power chooses that moment to go out, Barb gets up check on Alice and Ian wakes up.

"I need a fucking search party"
Turns out Ian knows bout her having an affair with Jill, and tells her that he has proof as he put a nanny cam in Chucky, Barb goes off on him and he puts earplugs in. While all that's going on Nica is downstairs looking up 'Chucky doll evidence' and finds several articles on killings, the one she reads about is Andy Barclay, the kid from the first 3 movies, and finds out that Chucky might be a killer doll. Nica yells up to Barb, as the powers out which also means the elevator is out, Nica sees that Barb has Chucky and tells her to put him down.

"Alice is mine"

Unfortunately they are getting mixed up, as Barb thinks she knows about the nanny cam, but it's actually that shes holding a killer doll. Barb walks away with Chucky and heads up to the attic to find Alice who has gone missing, Nica then has to make her way upstairs by pulling herself up the stairs. In the attic, Barb finds a knife in Chucky's overalls, she sits him down, then has the stupid idea to set the knife down next to him, like what kind of doll would have a knife! A killer doll that's who, are you stupid? She looks around the attic for a bit, she turns away from Chucky and when she turns back he's right there with the knife, but he's just sitting there. Barb then notices that there is peeling on Chucky's face, she starts taking this prosthetic type of skin off and we find out that its the stitched up Chucky from the past sequels. Love it!

"You have your mothers eyes...and they were always to fucking close together"

Nica finally makes her way up the stairs and almost up the attic stairs when Barb's eyes comes bouncing down the stairs like a slinky, followed by her dead body. Chucky then makes his way down, Nica finds a wheelchair and wheels herself to Ian and he carries her down stairs to her other wheelchair and they head for the garage. Ian heads back into the house to find Alice, leaving Nica all alone in the garage, the door suddenly closes, and Chucky is in the car revving it hoping to kill Nica with the exhaust fumes. Ian finally comes back, without Alice, and thinks Nica is the killer, but she starts to have some type of attack and passes out. When she awakens, Ian has duck taped her to her wheel chair and starts looking over the nanny cam footage, he then goes to live cam and sees Chucky approaching them, who then proceeds to kill Ian.

"Nica, what have you done?"

Nica gets herself unbound, and takes hold of Chucky's axe and cuts Chucky's head off, she then turns away, and we see him reattach his head in the background. Chucky then takes hold of Nica's wheel chair and pushes her over the railing and she falls all the way down to the first floor. We then get a nice snippet into some Chucky back story, and that he was the guy in the super 8 film and he met her mom at the picnic from the film. I am also assuming he is the one who had a hand in Daniel drowning, we then see a very pregnant, with Nica, Sara, tied up and gagged being held hostage by Chucky, in human form. Turns out Sara called the police, they arrive and we find out that Chucky stabbed Sara in the stomach, and is the reason Nica is paraplegic.  We then see what we already know, him getting gunned down in the toy store and transferring his soul into a good guy doll.

"I want you to myself"

Chucky tells her that in the 25 years it's been that there has been many families, the Barclay, Andy, the Kincaid's, Jesse and Jade, and the Tilly's, Jennifer, Glen, and Glenda. The power finally comes back on and Nica crawls into the elevator, she closes the gate, but he comes in after her, she grabs his knife and stabs him, but it doesn't work. A police officer arrives, coming to question them as they were the last to see Frank before he died, he hears Nica screaming for help, and busts through the door, he then sees the dead bodies. We are then taken to a courtroom where Nica has ben deemed criminally insane and sentenced to the loony bin. The same police officer who found them has the evidence bag, containing Chucky, and is heading to his cruiser, in the car he calls someone and tells them to remember to bring his money.

"They never learn"

In what is absolutely incredible, as she was not credited in the opener, Jennifer Tilly as Tiffany as Jennifer Tilly pops up in the back of the car and slits the officers throat, just like Bailey from the 4th movie! Tiffany then opens the bag and asks who's next, we then follow Tiffany to a delivery facility and she sends Chucky to someone else. The screen goes black, and we see Alice open the door to her grandmothers house, and a package is on the table, she finds him and he tells her they are going to play a game.

"In the cellar"

The game is Hide the Soul and she's it, she asks why she's always it and he tells her it's because no one would expect it to be her, he then starts the chant. Can I point out that he doesn't have the amulet, so I don't get how he can transfer his soul into her. We pan out over to the cellar door, and Alice's grandmother pops up with a plastic bag over her head, honestly this part wasn't even necessary.

"Must be my lucky day"

Hope you all stayed through the end credits as there is a post credit scene! We are taken 6 months into the future where a delivery women is dropping off a package to a man, he signs for it and heads back upstairs. Obviously it's Chucky in the package, in this guys apartment he sets the package on the table and his phone rings, it's his mom. While he is talking on the phone, with his back turned to the package, we see Chucky cutting through the package. We pan away from Chucky cutting open the package to a certificate from Kent Academy, and a picture of this guy with his mom.

"Play with this"

If you haven't put it together yet, this guy is Andy Barclay, and not the one from 3, but the original Alex Vincent one. Chucky pops out of the box and turns towards Andy, but Andy is right there with a rifle pointed at Chucky.  Andy then tells Chucky to 'play with this!' before pulling the trigger, we hear Chucky exclaim 'Andy!' before the scream goes black as the gunshot goes off.

The End.

I absolutely loved this movie! I am a big fan of the Chucky franchise, always have been, and as i said i was a little leary, but this movie turned out way better than i was expecting. I loved the surprises of Tiffany and Andy, that is just incredible, I have always wondered what happened with Andy after the third movie. I like that they went back to the concept of working with a kid opposed to an adult, cause they can get away with a lot more than an adult can. The fact that they started with the original good guy doll, and the revealing of it to be the same Chucky from the sequels was awesome, definately not expecting it. Also the fact that we got some Chucky back story was really cool as well, gave him a bit of an origins story. Depending on how well this movie does, and the fact that it is straight to DVD, i figure that there will not be another Chucky movie for atleast 5 or 6 year, which is the usual for a Chucky movie if not longer. That being said, they did amazing with this movie, and it was worth the wait and will make the wait worth it for the next movie.  Tell me what you think of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes).
Hope you all have a great night!

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