Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tales From The Crypt "The Man Who Was Death" (1989)

Hello Kiddies!

I would like to first start off by saying that the Crypt Keeper still freaks me the fuck out, and I don't think there will ever be a day he doesn't! I haven't watched this show in a good 7 years. Now I should mention that I started watching TFTC when I was 6, yes you read that right, and absolutely loved the show, but it didn't come on very often, so I didn't get to watch it much.  More on that later, but now on to the show!

"Wait! Just wait a minute! The Governor's gonna call!"

We start out with an intro from our beloved Crypt Keeper, including a bug zapper, and horrible puns!  I honestly forgot how creepy CK was, and now I remember.  During opening credits, we are shown into a prison, where we see a guy sitting on a cot, with a priest reading him his last rites.  A narrator starts up, and I honestly thought it was the priest, but no its the executioner, who pops into frame and appears to be breaking the fourth wall.  A few guards come and take the prisoner, who we know now as Charles Ledbetter, and takes him to the chair, then proceeding to execute him. 

The executioner, Niles Talbot, is sitting on an overpass, and telling us his life story.  Also Niles is starting to creep me out quite a bit, just saying.  Niles goes to a diner, and on the TV is a new bulletin say that they are going to be stopping executions.  After getting fired as executioner, Niles tries to get his old job as the prison generator repair guy, but the warden says that they don't want him at the prison, cause all the inmates know what he did.  Niles then heads to a bar to drown his sorrows, and have a nice talk with the bartender. 

"He went way outta line and he ought to pay"

At a courthouse, who knows how long later, a guy, Jimmy Flood, is standing trial for killing someone, but gets off due to a clerical error.  In a dark, old, lair looking warehouse, we have Niles playing with cables, making them spark, now what could he possibly do with that?   Jimmy, who is riding his motorcycle through a dark alley reaches a closed fence, and reaches to open it and gets shocked through the fence. At another trial two more people go free, I am starting to see a pattern here! He kills them, in an awesome scene with a Jacuzzi.

At a strip club we meet his next victim, who also happens to be a stripper, in a cage.  I'm quite upset over this kill, because I was excited to see how the electrocution was going to take place in a cage, but the police show up and arrest him.  At the police station, Niles is told that execution was reinstated, and that he would be going to the chair. He then gets electrocuted, ah the smell of justice in the air, or is that burnt flesh I smell?

"So remember boys and girls, safety first!"

Crypt Keeper then sends us out by electrocuting himself several time.

The End

Overall a great episode, Bill Sadler (Niles) was amazing in this, and the fact that his character was talking right to us was pretty cool.

Hope you all have a great night!

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