Monday, July 1, 2013

Tales From The Crypt "Dig That Cat..He's Real Gone" (1989)

Good Evening, Fiend Fans!

The lovely Crypt Keeper opens the show this week, with lots of bad puns, and a cackle!

It opens at a carnival, Bearded Woman, Stilt Walkers, and more!  We enter into the big tent, and are introduced to Ulric The Great, who will be buried alive, and when the unbury him he will still be alive.  Ulric gets into the casket, and at this point, he breaks the fourth wall and starts talking us, and telling us how he came to be able to survive death.

"I give to you Ulric The Undying"

Flashback, to Ulric living in a cardboard box, and some old guy comes up to him and offers him money to experiment on him.  Ulric agrees to the experiment, and head back to this guy, Dr. Manfred's lab, and Doc tells him what it is that he will be doing to Ulric.  Doc plans to take the 9 lives part of the cat out of the cat and give it to Ulric, Ulric agrees and they start.  Ulric awakens awhile later, and doesn't believe that this is actually gonna work.  Doc pulls out a gun and shoots Ulric in the head, and there goes 1 life.

"Pull the lever, Coralee!"

Ulric and Doc agree that they could make a fortune out of this, and strike up a deal with a carnival, to do stunts with.  First stunt is to stay in a water tank for an hour, and be alive at the end, there goes life 2.  Next he hangs himself, and there goes life 3, then he takes Doc on a drive, to kill Doc, to make more money for himself and there goes life 4.  Then he gets electrocuted, and there's life 5, this one takes a little longer to come back from, and he ends up in a morgue, but he awakes before they can embalm him.  Life 6 goes with an arrow in the heart in a pin the tail on the donkey/archery type death. 

"Wait a minute, that cat, it died, if it already died once, I only had 8 lives left!"

His girlfriend, Coralee, takes his 7th life, and takes his money.  And here we are buried alive taking his 8th life, except its here when he realizes that the cat he got the lives from had to die, so this is actually his 9th life and he dies...for good.

The End
This is a fun one, it had a really nice plot twist at the end, had you thinking what they could possibly do to end it, and I never even thought about the fact that the cat had used 1 life.
Hope you all have a great night!

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