Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Twilight Zone "Time Enough At Last" (1959)

"Have you ever read David Copperfield?"

We start off in a bank with a man name Henry Bemis.  Mr. Bemis is a bank teller, who loves to read, but his wife, Helen, wont let him, and the only place he can read is at work.  He strikes up a conversation with one of his customers, about David Copperfield, and asks if she's ever read it. He ends up shortchanging her, because of his reading, and makes it up. 

His boss comes over and they head to his office, which has a great scene where they walk to his office, and they literally go in a circle.  In his office, the boss tells him that he needs to stop reading at work, Mr. Bemis complains that his wife wont let him read, but boss doesn't care, and Bemis leaves

At home, Helen asks Henry to read her some poetry, he gets excited that she wants him to read to her.  Unfortunately Helens a bitch, and blacked out the entire book, and then proceeds to rip it apart.  The next day at work, Henry goes and takes his lunch break in the bank vault, as he usually does, it being the only place he can read at. 

The news paper he's reading say that there's an H-bomb that is capable of total destruction, at that the vault shakes.  Bemis ventures out of the vault to see that the H-bomb hit and destroyed everything, except him, because he was in the vault.  He leaves the bank to search for any else who may be alive, finds no one, and finds a couch to sleep on.

The next day, he's out again to find other people who survived, as he's wondering around he finds again, and decides the best thing to do would be to kill himself.  He puts the gun to his head and is about to pull the trigger when he sees a sign for the public library.

"The worst part is that I'm alone"

Heading over to the library, he finds that there are books, books everywhere, books to read for the rest of his life.  He starts categorizing them by month,  he sits down to start a book, and  sees that there is a clock in front of him, and he comments on how much time he has.

"It's not fair!"

The book he planned to read fell of the step, he goes to reach it and his glasses fall and break.  Mr. Bemis had all the time in the world to read, and now he can't, and it's not fair.  It's not fair!
The End
This is by far my favorite episode of TZ ever!  I absolutely love this one, and I feel so bad for Mr. Bemis!

Hope you all have a great night!

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