Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984)

She is the only one who can stop it... if she fails, no one survives.

Did you know that in all my years watching horror movies I have never seen any of the Freddy movies?  Seriously, for some reason I have never seen them, which is weird because I love Freddy, but never seen any of his movies.  Wait, does Freddy vs Jason count?  Ok lets change that to the fact that I have never seen a purely Freddy movie.  Let's start!

"Did you have a nightmare too?"

We open with someone, most likely Freddy Krueger, making a glove with razor sharp knives embedded in the fingers.  A girl, Tina, is running from a scarred man, Freddy, in her nightie in Freddy's favorite haunt, the boiler room.  Freddy catches up with her and grabs her and she wakes up with 4 claw like rips in her nightie, her mom comes in, but she doesn't seem to care.  The next morning at school Tina is telling her friends, Nancy and Glen, who is Nancy's boyfriend, about her dream and recalls the old nursery rhyme.  I love the nursery rhyme!!  Nancy and Glen off handedly mention having a nightmare too, but they don't elaborate any further.  That night Tina, Nancy, and Glen meet up at Tina's house and are going to have a sleep over, they talk about the dream and find out they all had the same one. 

They then start hearing noises, the noise turns out to be Rod, who is Tina's boyfriend, he has come over to make up with Tina and then they have sex.  In the middle of the night Tina starts having the dream again, but this time it is more intense as she is killed and dies in real life.  The cops think Rod killed her, but he didn't and is in hiding, he manages to get a hold of Nancy, but her dad, who is a cop, shows up and arrests Rod.  At school Nancy sees Tina's dead body during class and gets up to follow the blood trail and ends up in the boiler room, she gets cornered by Freddy and puts her arm on a hot pipe and wakes up screaming in class.  Nancy leaves the school, outside she notices that she has a burn on her arm and then heads to visit Rod in jail and finds out that he had the same nightmare as the rest of them.  Later that night at home Nancy is in the bath and starts to fall asleep, when she does she gets dragged down by Freddy, but manages to get out.

"You need a hall pass"

Nancy takes some pills to stay awake, Glen, who lives across the street, crawls in through the window and Nancy asks him if he will watch over her while she sleeps.  In her dream, she leaves the house and heads for the police station where she sees Freddy enter Rod's cell.  She turns to leave and Freddy is on her tail, she finally gets home and up to her room where she fights Freddy until her alarm goes off waking her up.  Her and Glen head to the police station to check on Rod, they get stopped by her dad, but he eventually lets them through, unfortunately it's too late and Freddy has hanged him.  After the funeral, Nancy tells her parent's about Freddy appearance, and they exchange a look, I think they may know something! 

"I just slipped"

Nancy's mom takes her to a sleep study clinic, they track her sleep, and her numbers skyrocket forcing them to wake her up.  We then see that she has managed to pull Freddy's hat off and bring it into the real world, and a patch of her hair has turned grey.  The next day, her mom tries to tell her it's not real, but Nancy tells her it is and that the hat even has Freddy's name in it, her mom then says that Freddy is dead.  Nancy and her mom fight some more before Nancy storms out to meet up with Glen.  Glen tells her of a dream skill that people use when a dream has gotten too real, like a nightmare, where you dismiss the dream because it is just a dream and take back the energy they've given the dream.

Nancy heads home to find bars on all of the windows and doors, Nancy is about to start a fight when her mom calls her into the cellar and tells her about Freddy, she tells Nancy that Freddy was a child killer who got out of jail because of a paper that wasn't signed.  Then her and a few other parents burned Freddy in the boiler room, which is where he would take the children, she then shows that they took Freddy's glove.  Later that night Nancy calls Glen and asks him to meet her at midnight on her porch, so that he can catch Freddy when she pulls him out of her dream.  Nancy then takes more pills to keep her awake and drinks more coffee, I honestly don't know how she isn't dead yet!  She is on her 7th day with no sleep and she pops pills every 5 minutes and lives off coffee, how is she not dead yet?

"You're listening to KRGR"

Around midnight she looks out the window and sees Glen's parents which are halting her plans, she tries to call Glen, but he fell asleep and his parents wont put him on, and hang up.  The phone rings and the only sound she hears is fingers scratching and she rips the phone out of the wall.  The phone then rings again, and it's Freddy, she proceeds to throw the phone on the ground and stomps all over it.   Nancy heads down to the door to sneak out, but the door wont open because her mom put in another lock, locking them in, she asks her mom for the key, but her mom doesn't have it on her.  Over at Glen's, he is sleeping and we see Freddy's hand come up and drag him down, the bed then opens and blood comes pouring out like a geyser.  This scene was sick, in the greatest possible way!

Nancy's dad arrives at Glen's house, Nancy calls over to Glen's and talks to her dad telling him to come over in 20 minutes to get Freddy.  Her dad assigns someone to stay outside and watch her house to make sure nothing funny happens.  Over at Nancy's, she is putting traps up so that when she brings him out of her dream she has a way to slow him down, she then gets into bed, sets her timer for 10 minutes, and falls asleep.  In her dream, she awakens in bed and heads downstairs to the cellar to get the glove, but it's not there, she then finds a door to the boiler room and enters.  Freddy finds her in the boiler room, she manages to get back to her house, as the clock runs out she jumps on Freddy and wakes up.  Nancy looks around and remarks that she must be crazy, because he isn't there, except he is and he jumps her. 

Nancy starts moving all the traps into action and they manage to slow him down enough for her to get to a window and gets the cop who is suppose to watch her house to go and get her dad.  She lures him into the cellar where she douses him with lighter fluid and sets him on fire, she runs back upstairs and locks him in the cellar.  Her dad and a few other police officers arrive and busts down the door, she leads them to the cellar, where she realize the door is open and Freddy has escaped.  Luckily he's still on fire and there's a trail of fire leading upstairs to her moms room, she runs up and he is on top of her mom and her mom is on fire.  Her dad comes into the room and throws a sheet over them to put out the fire, when he removes the sheet Freddy is gone and her mom is a skeleton, her skeleton then sinks into the bed and disappears.

"I'm not doing it"

Nancy tells her dad that she's fine and to go downstairs and that she would be down in a minute, she turns away from the bed and we see Freddy rise from the bed.  With her back turned, Nancy tells Freddy that she takes back all the energy and that he's not real, and that she wants her mom and her friends back, and that he's shit, he then lunges at her, but he vanishes.  Nancy opens the door to the sun shining and her mom next to her, Rod, Glen, and Tina then show up and she gets in the car with them.  The hood suddenly goes up, and they hood is red and green, Glen tells them he's not doing it and the windows start rolling up, the doors lock, and the car drives them away.  Back with Nancy's mom, we see Freddy's arm pop through the door window and he drags her mom through the window.  The nursery rhyme then plays us out.

The End.

Great movie, can't wait to see the rest!  The movie has a nice open ending, which I know there are more sequels, so many more and remakes, and can't wait to see what happens next!  Also the blood geyser was awesome, there was so much blood, I loved it!  Tell me what you thought of the movie in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes).
Hope you all have a great night!

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