Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Supernatural "I'm No Angel" (9x03 Spoilers)

We open with Cas in a church run shelter, he finds a trail of blood that leads to 2 dead priests who have been staked, and eyes blown out, circa angels.  Over at the bunker Sam comes back from a run and we switch over to Ezekiel who tells Dean there's been some chatter on Angel Radio of a new front runner.  We then see a TV evangelist, Buddy, preaching, and he is being run by an angel, Bartholomew, but not as a vessel.  A women approaches Bartholomew to give herself to him, and she explodes, I'm thinking he isn't a good guy.  At the bunker, Sam and Dean manage to find Cas by the priests who were staked and head for that town.  Cas is now on the street and is found by an angel, who cuts Cas and realizes that he is human, Cas then stabs the angel with the angel blade.  The next morning Cas goes to a tattoo parlor to get a warding tattoo to keep the angels away.

Dean arrives in the town Cas was in, and heads to the church and we find out Cas has left and has been going by the name Clarence.  Over with Bartholomew, he hires a reaper, Maurice, to kill Cas, and tells him the way to find him is through the Winchester's.  Dean and Sam dig deeper into the mystery of all the angel deaths, and it leads them to Buddy, we also see that Maurice has started to trail them.  Cas is looking for food in the garbage, and a nice lady, April, gives him a peanut butter sandwich. Sam and Dean head to the streets where Cas was and talk with the guy Cas was with that night, and finds out he was probably heading to Detroit.  April sees Cas outside again and brings him back to her apartment and patches up his cut from earlier and they start making out.  I really want her to be good, but at this point Supernatural has made us realize that no one is actually good.

Sam and Dean catch onto Maurice following them and corner him, they take him to a warehouse and starts interrogating him, Maurice then tells them about Bartholomew and they kill him.  The next morning Cas wakes up to finds his angel blade missing and April has it, I knew she was evil!  April is a reaper, who Bartholomew has sent out, and is now torturing Cas for information, Sam and Dean arrive and they kill her.  Unfortunately Cas has been stabbed and dies, but Ezekiel takes over Sam and heals Cas, and Dean then has to make something up, which Cas calls him out on.  Sam, Dean, and Cas head back to the bunker and Cas tells them about his times out as a human.  When Cas heads to the kitchen, Ezekiel takes over and tells Dean that either Cas has to go or Ezekiel goes, and Ezekiel can't go because Sam isn't healed enough.  Dean then heads to Cas and tells him that he can't stay at the bunker.

The End.
Great week, loved seeing what Cas has been doing since he is a human now, hate that Dean has to kick him out!  Really excited for next week, because Charlie is going to be on and I love her!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes).
Hope you all have a great night!

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