Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Supernatural "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" (9x01 Spoilers!)

Tonight was the season 9 premiere of Supernatural, so here's a review, and hopefully I will be doing these weekly! 

We open with Dean and Sam in the Impala talking about the angel's falling and that the media is writing it off as a meteor shower.  However they aren't really in the Impala, this is Sam, who is in a coma in the hospital, having a coma induced hallucination, Dean gets the news that Sam is dying and heads to the chapel.  Dean puts out a prayer to Cas, but gets no answer, he then puts out a prayer to any angel with it's ears on that he needs help and he tells them where he is.  Back in the Impala, Bobby has now joined them and him and Dean start arguing, Sam then transports himself and Bobby out of the Impala.  We then go to Cas, who is walking down a stretch of road, he eventually gets picked up by a car, after it hits him, the guys drops him at a gas station and gives him some money.  Can't find too many good people like that anymore, can you?  An angel, Hale, approaches Cas and they start talking out side of the gas station.

At the hospital a grief counselor has arrived, Kim, but Dean doesn't want to talk, he walks out and heads to the Impala, which still has Crowley in the trunk.  When Dean gets to the Impala he is attacked by an angel, but then saved by another angel, who picks a fight with the first angel.  While the two angels are fighting, Dean grabs the angel blade that first angel brought and stabs him with it, angel 2 then passes out.  Back to Cas and Hale, Cas asks her what she wants to do now that she's on Earth, she tells him that last time she was here she built something, not just anything she built the Grand Canyon.  2nd angel, Ezekiel, has awoken and Dean traps him in holy fire, they come to terms and head up to Sam's room, Cas then calls, Deans warns him to trust no one and to head to the bunker.  Cas tells Hale that they have to head their own ways and walks away, Hale grabs a 2x4 and hits Cas over the head with it.

At the hospital the ground starts to shake signaling another angel arriving, Ezekiel tells Dean they need to leave, but they can't because Sam is dying, Dean then starts putting up Enochian symbols all over the room.  Back with Cas and Hale, she has kidnapped him and is taking him to the Grand Canyon.  At the hospital, Dean leaves Sam with Ezekiel and heads out to fight the angel, which is Kim, the grief counselor.  In Sam's head, Dean pops up and kills Bobby, because Bobby is the part of Sam's brain that wants to die, while Dean is the part of his brain that wants to live.  Sam enters this cabin that Bobby had lead him to, and inside is Death, who has been waiting for Sam.  Out of Sam's head and back to the hospital, Dean manages to kill Kim and heads back into Sam's room, Ezekiel has weakened due to the Enochian symbols and tells Dean the only way he can save him now is to posses him.

Dean says he will consider it, but only if Ezekiel can show him how bad off Sam really is, he shows him the talk that is going on between Sam and Death.  The talk is Sam asking Death that if he goes with him, he doesn't want to come back like previous times, Dean then agrees to it.  Back to Cas and Hale, Cas manages to run them off the road and they get into a car crash, Hale gets thrown out and gets badly mutilated, Cas then kills her.  Dean, the real one...I think, enters Sam's mind and tells him that there is another way, Sam agrees to go with him and when he touches him, Dean transforms into Ezekiel.  I don't know how much I trust Ezekiel, I don't think he is as good as Cas makes him out to be.

We then see a doctor come into Sam's room and asks what's going on, we then see that Ezekiel is in the bed, outside Dean and Ezekiel, in Sam's body, are leaving.  Looks like the Ezekiel in Sam's bed is actually Sam, told you I didn't trust Ezekiel.  Back to Cas, he has made his way to a Laundromat, and is getting ready to wash his clothing, which is covered in blood, however he sees a food machine, and has to choose between his clothes or food.  Cas chooses food and steals someone else's laundry and then leaves the Laundromat and his clothes behind.  In the Impala, Sam wakes up from his nap, and appears to be real Sam, but I'm not falling for it.

The End.

Pretty good Season opener, it was nice seeing Bobby again and having Cas as a human is very interesting.  Plus Death was on, I'm quite fond of him, mostly I just love Julian Richings.  So you know how each season has a baddie, this season I'm thinking it's the angels or Ezekiel, he is definitely not trustworthy.  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes).
Hope you all have a great night!

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