Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Supernatural "Bad Boys" (9x07 Spoilers!)

We open with a couple of kids running from someone into a barn, playing hide and seek, the person chasing after them is the caretaker, Jack.  When Jack enters the barn he sees his breath, aka ghosts, and is killed by a tractor.  Over at the bunker, Dean gets a call from a guy named Sonny, who runs a boys home that Dean was sent to when he was 16.  Dean and Sam head to the boys home to check it out and figure that it's probably a ghost.  They split up with Dean going to the barn and Sam checking around the house.  In the barn, Dean finds Timmy, one of the boys who was running from Jack, and he tells Dean that when the accident happened the barn became cold.  Inside, Sam questions Ruth, a helper, about what's going on and she tells him that she thinks there are ghosts. 
Ruth thinks ghosts are in the house, because when she was younger a man, Howard, thought his wife was having an affair and killed her and himself.  Sam tells Dean and they go and burn the body in the cemetery.  They then head to a diner, where Robin, a former flame of Dean's works, but she doesn't seem to remember him.  At Sonny's, Ruth is taking a bath when the mirror goes icy and she gets suffocated to death by the shower curtain.  Before Sam and Dean are out of town, Sonny's calls them about Ruth and they head back to the house.  When they arrive at the house Dean see two boys picking on Timmy in the yard and he tells them to stop.  Later on we see the two boys working in the yard, one of the boy hears a noise coming from the mower and goes to check it when thee switch turns on and his hand gets a bit chopped off. 
We see up in a window looking over the yard, that Timmy is standing there watching, after the accident we see a rotting hand resting on Timmy's shoulder.  I'm thinking Timmy may be the killer.  When they hear about the incident, Sam and Dean realize Timmy may be possessed by a ghost, and they then split up to find him.  This time Sam takes the barn and inside he finds a drawing on the wall of a car accident.  Robin, who voluntarily teaches the boys guitar arrives and we find out that she does remember him, but she is still mad at him for standing her up at the dance.  Timmy finally appears and Sam comes in and we learn that the ghost is Timmy's mom, who died in the car accident sacrificing herself for him.  This is starting to sound a wee bit like Mama. 
Timmy's mom appears and Dean grabs Timmy's toy, which is acting as her anchor and he burns it, only thing is the toy isn't the anchor, Timmy is.  Guys, we can't burn Timmy!  Sam and Dean start trying to convince Timmy that he can control her, because he's the one that brought her back.  Timmy finally realizes he can do it and stands up to her telling her that she can go and that he will be okay.  Timmy's mom then turns back into her human self long enough for Timmy to tell her he loves her and then she disappears.  Now that it's over, we go to a flashback of Dean getting ready for the dance, when Sonny comes in and tells him his father is downstairs and that there is a job.  Sonny tells him that he can stay, but Dean sees Sam in the car and declines the offer, thanking Sonny for everything he's done for him.
The End.
Great episode!  Had a Mama/Insidious feel to it, and I liked it!  Looks like Jody is going to be on next week and there may be dragons!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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