Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Supernatural "Captives" (9x14 Spoilers!)

We open at the bunker to lights flashing and Dean seeing his breath, turns out the bunker is haunted, and by none other than Kevin. Yes! Over with Castiel, he is looking for Metatron and finds that there is another angel cult.  Back at the bunker, Dean tries to talk to Kevin's spirit, and ends up helping Kevin break through the veil to be seen, like Bobby.  Kevin tells them that no one can get into Heaven and that everyone is stuck in the veil.  He then ask Sam and Dean to find his mom, who he found out from another spirit, Candy, who says she saw his mom last week.  Over with Castiel, he gets taken by Bartholomew's men and taken to see Bartholomew.  Sam and Dean arrive at the sight of Candy's death and they try to reach her, when they do she tells them about how she died.  Apparently 2 men, one being Crowley, the other unidentified, kidnapped her, Ms. Tran, and some guy named Jerome, and locked them in a room, individually. 

When she finally escaped, she got to the forest, where Sam and Dean are, before being stabbed.  We then go to the room, where Ms. Tran is and see that she is still alive.  Over with Castiel, Bartholomew is talking to him about everything that has happened, and that he wants Castiel to join him in the hunt for Metatron.  Sam and Dean go looking at storage units, as it is what Candy described, and they finally find the right one. They split up, Sam finds Ms. Tran but he get locked in the room, Dean ends up getting knocked out and tied up by one of Crowley's minions that runs the place, Del.  Sam and Ms. Tran try to get out of the room and she starts asking about Kevin, and Sam has to tell her that he died.  Dean is talking to Del, who tells him that Crowley hasn't shown up in awhile, and Dean tells him that he saw Crowley last month, which pisses Del off.  Sam and Ms. Tran escape the room in time to save Dean, and they give her the pleasure of killing Del. 

Over with Castiel, he has agreed to work with Bartholomew, but Bartholomew starts torturing a rebel, which Castiel doesn't think is right.  Bartholomew ends up killing the rebel and starting a fight with Castiel, who doesn't want to fight, until the angel blade comes out.  Castiel gets the upper hand, and Bartholomew tells him to kill him, but Castiel doesn't want to shed anymore blood.  Castiel lets Bartholomew go, but Bartholomew pulls out another angel blade, and Castiel has no choice but to stab Bartholomew.  The next day, Bartholomew comes to Castiel to tell him that he would be a good leader, and that him and his followers will follow Castiel.  Back at the bunker Sam and Dean give Kevin and Ms. Tran a moment, and Ms. Tran tells them that she is taking Kevin home with her. The episode ends with Kevin asking Sam and Dean to get over it, because even though they couldn't see him, he was still there and wants them to make up

The End.
Great episode!  I missed Kevin so much so this was a nice bit of closure. Next weel looks amazing because the GhostFacers are returning! I loved them!  Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SilentToHughes)
Hope you all have a great night!

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