Friday, October 10, 2014

The Twilight Zone "The After Hours" (1960)

This isn't just a department store. This happens to be The Twilight Zone.

This story centers around Marsha White who is trying to find a thimble at a department store, having no luck she boards a elevator and goes up to the 9th floor. When she reaches the 9th floor she sees that there is no merchandise anywhere, suddenly a women appears and directs her to the one things they have, a thimble.  Marsha finds this odd, and whats even odder is that the lady who sold her the thimble knows her name.  When she boards the elevator she sees that the thimble is scratched and goes to the complain, customer service tells her there is no 9th floor.  While they are talking Marsha sees the lady who sold her the thimble, but the lady is a mannequin!  

Marsha passes out and when she awakens she finds that it is night and she is locked in the store. She starts looking for a way out when the store mannequins start to come alive.  Turns out Marsha is a mannequin and that once a year each mannequin gets to live as a real person for a month.  Marsha has a breakdown and lives in denial for awhile before remembering that she is in fact a mannequin.  She gets a bit of a reprimanding for being a day late to return, but then all is forgotten as the next mannequin makes her monthly departure.  The next day one of the managers that helped Marsha sees her mannequin in the store and panics a little before shrugging it off.

I loved mannequins when I was a kid which is probably why this is one of my favorite episodes. The twist at the end is always an enjoyable thing with any Twilight Zone episode.  Always made me wander if mannequins were real...probably not....but what if? Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments, on Twitter (@SilentToHughes) or on Facebook (

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